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Sump Liner - Sum Pump services

  Sump liners are installed in your basement and are designed to collect any subsurface water your weeping tile system directs in to the liner. Once the liner is installed a pump gets installed, should water collect in the liner the pump will force it out through a discharge. At All over, we do utmost efforts to install everything in right pattern and we do It Right The First Time!!! .

There are 2 types of sump liners:

• Deep sumps are installed in houses that are a walkout design (you have outdoor access from the basement).
• Regular sump liners are installed for foundations without access to the backyard from the basement.

Our sumps have holes drilled in the bottom which relieve hydrostatic pressure from the earth. These holes enable the sump liner to stay in the ground opposed to being pushed up by this pressure.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is installed in a basin (or liner) beneath the basement floor to provide drainage; it is used to mechanically evacuate water that flows into the sump liner (a large plastic container in which the sump pump is installed). The water that is brought into the liner can originate from several sources:

In residential construction there are typically 2 types of sump pumps which are used:• Pedestal sump pumps; and • Submersible sump pumps.

In the event of power failures or failure of the primary pump, battery backup sump pump kits are also available. These battery backup systems use a trickle charged marine battery which has enough power to empty the sump pump liner approximately 2000 times on a single charge. These sump pumps are installed in the same liner as the primary pump and operate independently. Homeowners tend to purchase these systems when they are heavily reliant on their primary pump and cannot afford pump failure, especially when they go away on holidays.

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